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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions and Information page.  My name is Dale Powell and I am the owner/operator of Northwest Handyman.  Below are common questions and answers. 

 Hiring a contractor can be a difficult process for many people and I understand that.  As a contractor, please let me address that issue.

The state of Washington requires that all contractors be registered with the state.  Requirements include proper bonding and insurance which is updated on a yearly basis.  Being a registered contractor is expensive and the majority of licensed contractors are in business to do a good job for their customers.  When you hire an unlicensed contractor, their is no protection for you from a bonding company, an insurance company, or the state.  The number one rule to hiring a good contractor is to check out their status with the Department of Labor and Industries.  Contact the department at  Their web site has current information on contractors of all kinds.



Q:  Is Northwest Handyman a licensed contractor?

A:  Northwest Handyman is fully licensed with the state of Washington.  Contractor number NORTHH*952NW.

Q:  What areas does Northwest Handyman cover?

A:  Primarily Tacoma and the Pierce County region.  We do work in other areas as well.  Please call 253 921 3737 for more information.

Q:  Does Northwest Handyman perform electrical work?

A:  No.  Only a licensed electrician can do electrical work in the state of Washington.  For more information please contact the Department of Labor and Industries.

Q:  Is the work that Northwest Handyman performs guaranteed?

A:  All work performed by Northwest Handyman is guaranteed.

Q: Are Estimates provided free of charge?

A:  Northwest Handyman will provide a site visit free of charge, review the work and provide a written estimate.  Work can be done by bid or by the hour. 

Q:  Does Northwest Handyman belong to any contractor Associations?

A:  Northwest Handyman recently joined Ethical Contractors Association of Washington.  Their mission is to review contractor status and help protect consumers from unlicensed contractors.